We used co-design for this project.

What is co-design?

Co-design means that different groups work together. They know different things about the topic. Some are experts through personal experiences.

Who were the experts?

We had an Expert Advisory Group for the project. The experts were:

  • Four researchers from the University of Sydney
  • Six co-researchers with lived experience
  • Four professionals from disability or family support services
  • A parent facilitator who supported parents.

What we did?

We met six times between September 2021 and May 2022.

The University researchers shared what they were learning.

Group members talked about this. They agreed on how to share the information with parents and workers.

The co-researchers gave ideas about resources. They helped make sure these were in plain-English.

What we made?

The experts worked together to design two tip sheets and four videos. The aim was to make people aware of:

a) Why it is hard for parents when services do not work together and are not accessible for people with disability

b) How services can support a person who has intellectual disability and has a parenting role.