The Research Centre for Children and Families

The team is led by Professor Amy Conley Wright. Amy is a Professor in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work. She is a social worker. Amy has done research with children and parents with disability. She has also done research on advocacy.

We build evidence that helps governments and workers support children, families and communities.

We focus on understanding the experiences of families that need extra support.

We take a rights-based approach.

We promote the best interests of children and respect the diversity of their families and communities.

We support research led by First Nations peoples and culturally and linguistically diverse groups. We partner with organisations and families to improve cultural competence.

We use co-design and arts-based methods. Children, young people and families get support to have an active role in deciding on the research, being part of the process and sharing the messages.

Co-design is an important part of working with children, young people and adults living with disability, including parents with intellectual disability.